Main Components

The Preferred Deck System is a premium acrylic deck coating system that is comprised of three main components: Additive, Aggregate, and Sealers.


Available in one and five gallon sizesproductAdditiveThumb

This liquid acrylic product is considered the “glue” of the System and is made with the best 100% acrylic resins available. Lesser quality products may break down in water and have less compressive strength and impact resistance. Available in Summer & Winter blends.


Available in 5 Standard Colors.productAggregateSmallThumb

Aggregate is a cementitious 50 lb. bag mix product that is a blend of cement, aggregates, and additives that is perfectly formulated for the Preferred Deck System. Aggregate is mixed with Additive to create the Scratch Coat and most of the Texture Coats (the only exception is Stamped Overlay Textures, when Overlay Aggregate is used instead.)


Available in 3 Standard ColorsproductAggregateSmallThumb

Overlay Aggregate is a cementitious 50 lb. bag mix that is a blend of cement, aggregates, and additives. This product is only used for the Texture Coat in a Stamped Overlay application, where Overlay Aggregate is mixed with Additive, troweled out, and then “stamped” with an overlay mat of your choice. (Regular Aggregate is used for all other Texture Coats and the Scratch Coat.)


Six different Sealers are available.

Top Coat Color Sealer – A ” paint” and sealer in one that is used on the Lace (or knockdown) Texture. This is the only colored sealer. Availabe in 11 Standard Colors. (All other sealers are clear.)

Reflecto Seal – A “paint’ and sealer in one that is a lot more reflective than standard Top Coat Sealer, and therefore is less hot. This product replaces the Top Coat Sealer in the system.

Clear Coat Sealer – A water-based clear sealer that dries a matte finish. Great for indoor use due to low odor.

High Gloss Sealer – A glossy, solvent-based clear sealer that has a high solid count. Do not use on interior applications.

Southwest Seal – A glossy, solvent-based clear sealer that is less odorous and less expensive than the High Gloss Sealer.

Solvent Polyurethane Sealer – A two-component, solvent-based clear sealer that is more durable than acrylic sealers. Perfect for attaining the “wet look” and for driveways since it resists tire-tracking.

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