Q: Is the Preferred Deck System cooler than concrete?

A: We do not specifically market our acrylic coating as cooler than concrete, but it can be. The key is to choose lighter colors and textures that have “voids,” like the Lace Texture. Glossy sealers tend to be hotter. Talk to your contractor about what choices are best.

Q: Can I use Preferred Deck products on interiors, vertical surfaces, garages, driveways, or countertop surfaces?

A: Generally, yes. Preferred Deck products are extremely versatile can be used in almost any application. Please call us at 888.440.3320 about your specifics. On interior applications, we do not suggest using solvent sealers. Instead, use Clear Coat Sealer. For vertical surfaces, apply think coats of the System, but make the mixes a thicker consistancy. For garages and driveways, keep cars off the coating for at least a week, possibly longer in cold and damp weather conditions.

Q: How much product do I need for a specific job?

A: Click here for an Estimator Sheet. Let the square footage and Texture Coat be your guide in determining how much product you will need. Keep in mind this is a general guideline.

Q: Can I use Preferred Deck products over an existing deck surface?

A: Generally, yes. However, please call us at 888.440.3320 about your specific job. It depends what type of sealers were previously applied.

Q: Can I apply the Preferred Deck System on brand new concrete?

A: Generally, yes. However, you need to allow enough time for the concrete to cure, so that problems such as delamination and efflorescence do not occur. “Normal” concrete cure time is approximately 28 days, but this varies greatly with weather conditions. Please call us at 888.440.3320 with your specific application details.

Q: I had problems previously with other decking products delaminating and breaking down in water. Are there similar problems with the Preferred Deck System?

A: Generally, no. We use the highest quality 100% acrylic resins available. Some lesser quality products have these type of problems. Please call us at 888.440.3320 with your specific concerns.

Q: Can I purchase your products outside the Southwest United States?

A: If you are a contractor or a distributor and would like to buy our products, we will sell any amount of product to you anywhere in the world, provided that you pay for all freight costs. Please call us at 888.440.3320 and a sales representative can assist you with your specific needs.

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