Top Coat Color Sealer

Available in 11 Standard Colors – Sold in pint, one gallon and five gallon sizes.

productTopCoatEnlgTop Coat Color Sealer is the color and sealer in one. This sealer is mostly used for the Lace Texture. It is often called the “paint” of the system and is manufactured at our facility with the best quality resins available. We follow strict quality-control standards to ensure a superior product with consistent coloring from batch to batch.

If desired, the Clear Coat Sealer can be used in addition to this sealer for added protection. This additional coat of sealer is recommended for commercial or high-traffic applications.

For driveway and garage floor applications, the Solvent Polyurethane Sealer is the best final seal-coat, since it is the most durable sealer and resists tire-tracking.

Click here for the Top Coat Color Sealer MSDS Sheet.


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