Heat Reflective Reflecto Seal

ReflectoSealLogo2Your contractor will simply substitute Preferred Deck’s Top Coat Sealer with Reflecto Seal.

If you wish to have the coolest deck possible, a coat of highly-reflective, titanium-rich Light Base can be applied before the Reflecto Seal. Ask your contractor for details or call us at 888.440.3320.


Feel the difference for yourself! Ask your contractor for a Sample Board. When comparing Reflecto Seal with a similar color of standard acrylic decking material, a significant difference can be felt in the hot summer months.

Available Colors


As indicated above, the lighter colors (Dusty Road, Navajo Cream and Baja Sand) are less hot than the darker colors (Grand Canyon and New Sonoran.) However, these two darker Reflecto Seal colors will be significantly cooler to the touch than standard Grand Canyon and New Sonoran.

Standard Preferred Deck Colors VS. Reflecto Seal TSR Values



Why is Reflecto Seal different?

This pigment technology was first developed by the military in Desert Storm. Initially, tanks were easily detected by the enemy using simple infrared technology, since the tanks got hotter than the surrounding desert. Today this same successful technology is making its way into other industries.

For example, this chart shows the difference in Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) between standard Baja Sand and Reflecto Seal Baja Sand. A higher TSR value means it’s more reflective, and therefore it’s cooler.

Use Reflecto Seal to Reduce Energy Costs

ReflectoAsPaintSmallBecause Reflecto Seal reflects the heat, it will reduce energy costs when used as an exterior paint.

Reflecto Seal uses the highest quality, 100% acrylic resins available, which is why it can withstand the daily exposure to water that is often found around swimming pools.

This “paint” is higher quality than most other exterior paints. For more details, call us at 888.440.3320.

Click here to view and print the Reflecto Seal Brochure.

Click here for Contractors who specialize in Reflecto Seal application.

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