Preferred Epoxy – Color Chip System

Not all epoxies are created equal. Make sure it’s Preferred Epoxy.

The Color Chip Epoxy System is achieved by applying Color Prime, Color Coat, Color Chips, and Clear Poly Glaze. The “base color” is available in 3 Standard Colors: Desert, Clay, Gray.

Then there are two different Color Chip options for each “base color.” (see chart below)

Then decide the concentration of Color Chips… would you like a light-broadcast, a medium-broadcast, a heavy-broadcast, or a full-broadcast (100%) of Color Chips?


Full-Broadcast Color Chip System in


Full-Broadcast Color Chip System in Canyon


Light-Broadcast Color Chip System in Granite


Application Steps

Step 1 – Prep the Surface.productColorPrime

Step 2 – Apply Color Prime. Wait for overnight cure.
Epoxy – Color Coat

productColorCoatStep 3 – Apply Color Coat.

Step 4 – Immediately imbed Color Chips into the wet Color Coat. Wait for overnight cure.

Color Chips are available in 10 lb. and 55 lb. boxes.

Note: Color Chips above are a close-up of a full-broadcast application.productColorChips
Clear Poly Glaze

Step 5 – Apply Clear Poly Glaze.

Add a UV Packet in the Clear Poly Glaze for applications exposed to any direct sunlight. (Note: there are several different types of UV Packets.)

Light Traffic in 24 hours. Vehicular Traffic in 7 days.

Click here for a Contractor who specializes in Preferred Epoxy, who can provide the most accurate color samples.

Click here to view the 2-page Preferred Epoxy Brochure.

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