Preferred Deck Coloring Method Products

Preferred Deck offers four different Coloring Method product lines for maximum flexibility in coloring and application options. The only limitation is your imagination…

Top Coat Color Sealer

This type of sealer is used on the Lace (knockdown) Texture. It also can be diluted with water to create a stain (which will then require a sealer.)

11 Standard Colors available


Reflecto Seal

This colored sealer replaces the Top Coat Color Sealer when a cooler deck temperature is desired.

Available in our 5 most popular colors.

Dusty Road, Navajo Cream, Baja Sand, Grand Canyon and New Sonoran.

Decorative Stain

Sold in one gallon and five gallon sizes.
Stain Base is sold separately from Color Concentrate.

productStainBaseConDecorative Stains are water-based, so they are environmentally friendly without messy cleanup. Application is quick and worry-free. Mix the Concentrate Color into the Stain Base and put in any kind of sprayer. Flood the surface with Decorative Stain and let dry. Since there is no chemical reaction (as with acid staining), Decorative Stain colors are predicable and consistent.

Many contractors use two or more colors to achieve a custom color effect. Click here for Decorative Stain Application Details.


* Always pick Decorative Stain colors from contractor sample boards, since Decorative Stain colors vary greatly with application techniques.

* Please use this chart as a general guideline. Actual colors may vary greatly,
due to application techniques and color differences in computer monitors.

Click here to download a printable copy of these Application Details.

productPowderColorantEnlgPowder Colorants

Powder Colorants are a quick and easy coloring method that results in a high-end, custom color effect. Use with High Gloss Sealer or Southwest Seal. Clear Coat Sealer is not suggested.





Click here to download a printable copy of these Application Details.

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