Specialty Products


productEffReducerAvailable in one and five gallon sizes.

This product is an Efflorescence Inhibiting Sealer/ Premium Bond Coat. It is a specially formulated acrylic emulsion that reduces the occurence of efflorescence. When used as a Sealer, it can be used on cement, bricks, block, natural rock and pavers. Because it has excellent adhesion and blush-resistant properties, EFF-Reducer replaces the Bond Coat in the Preferred Deck System.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on EFF-Reducer.

Deck Patch

productAggregateThumbAvailable in 50 lb. bag.

Use this product to raise the elevation in concrete (up to 2″) and fix bird-bath problems. Mix with Additive, trowel out and let dry completely. Then apply the entire Preferred Deck System.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on Deck Patch.

All Purpose Deck Cleaner

productCleanerThumbAvailable in one gallon size.

This environmentally-safe product is a strong degreaser and all purpose cleaner that can be used to prepare the deck surface before applying the Preferred Deck System. It can be diluted for an overall application or used full-strength for addressing subborn stains. This cleaner is also a great maintenance product to keep your Preferred Deck looking new and clean for years to come.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on All Purpose Deck Cleaner.

Super Deck Prep

productSuperDeckPrepAvailable in one gallon size.

Super Deck Prep is a safe, “green” alternative to acid washing/etching concrete. Use this deep penetrating cleaner to avoid the hazards associated with muriatic acid. When using this product, there is no need to neutralize afterwards. Etching with this product is NOT done with nylogrit brushes (as with acid etching), so two men are not required. Super Deck Prep is the best product to use to prepare concrete for epoxy, acid stain, and water-based stain applications.

Click here for the Tech Sheet on Super Deck Prep.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on Super Deck Prep.

Scented Liquid Release

productReleaseAvailable in one and five gallon sizes.

This liquid product acts as a mold release agent in Stamped Overlay applications. Fragrance is added.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on Scented Liquid Release.

Non Skid Grip

productNonSkidThumbAvailable in pint size.

This grainy product is added to the Sealer of your choice to provide added protection against slippery surfaces. This pre-measured container is used in one five gallon bucket of Sealer.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on Non Skid Grip.

Patch Kit

productPatchKitThumbThis one gallon pail contains approximately 30 ounces of winter Additive and 5 lbs. of cream colored Aggregate. This convenient pail is the perfect size for those small patch jobs! Use with Top Coat Color Sealer if patching a Lace Texture.

Proline Universal Colorants

productProlinesThumbThese liquid colorants are compatible with the Preferred Deck System and give contractors the ability to tint Aggregate any color of the rainbow. We suggest liquid colorants instead of dry pigments for consistent color dispersion. Simply mix in the Aggregate mixture (Scratch Coat and Texture Coats.) Keep track of the “formula” used from batch to batch (i.e. a capful per 50 lb. bag mixed.) Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Finish Wax

Available in one gallon size.

productWaxPreferred Deck’s Finish Wax is a non-toxic, non-yellowing acrylic floor finish for use on all types of sealed floors. This high gloss wax can easily be maintained by spray buffing. Finish Wax provides a brilliantly polished “sacrificial layer” of wax, protecting the sealer underneath. So, this product not only improves the floor’s overall appearance, but helps decrease maintenance costs.

Click here for the Tech Sheet on Finish Wax.

Click here for the MSDS Sheet on Finish Wax.

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