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Proline Universal Colorants


Even though this is not a Preferred Deck product, we suggest using liquid Proline Universal Colorants to tint the Standard Aggregate Colors, if needed.

Proline Universal Colorants

PROLINE UNIVERSAL COLORANTS Available in 16 oz. sizes.

These liquid colorants are compatible with the Preferred Deck System and give contractors the ability to tint Aggregate any color of the rainbow. We suggest liquid colorants instead of dry pigments for consistent color dispersion. Simply mix in the Aggregate mixture (Scratch Coat and Texture Coats.) Keep track of the "formula" used from batch to batch (i.e. a capful per 50 lb. bag mixed.) Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Nine Standard Colors Available: Raw Umber, Phthalo Green, Red Oxide, Raw Sienna, White, Yellow Oxide, Burnt Umber, Phthalo Blue, and Lamp Black.


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